50+ Condo Buildings in Humber Bay Shores: Which are right for you?

Tuesday Nov 15th, 2022


With 50+ standing mid- and high-rise residential condominiums, Humber Bay Shores has transformed into a desired waterfront community, welcoming people of all ages, lifestyles and locations. 

Equally important as the layout and size of the unit you choose is the building it's in. You'll want to consider if the demographics, style and amenities fit your lifestyle. With 50+ structures to choose from, the thought of narrowing down which might be suitable for you can be an overwhelming one. Have no fear; I am here to help. 


Let's begin by defining the boundaries of Humber Bay Shores:

South: Lake Shore Boulevard West/Marine Parade Drive
North: Gardiner Expressway West
East: Humber River (or the Humber Bay Arch Bridge)
West: Louisa Street (400 metres west of Humber Bay Park Road West) 


Next, let's split the buildings into five groups based on age, lifestyle and location. This will help focus your search on the addresses checking most of your boxes. I've also added a price indicator to suggest how the cost-per-square-foot in this group compares to the others. The five groups of buildings are:

  1. Regal Luxury – refined, exclusive, timeless, $$$$$
  2. Marine Parade East – mature, classic, traditional, $$$$$
  3. Marine Parade West – new, contemporary, urban chic, $$$$$
  4. Park Lawn Hub – hip, retail hub, club amenities, $$$$$
  5. Mystic Pointe – loft city, trendy, master-planned community, $$$$$



The magnificent vistas of Humber Bay Shores are among the most envied in the city. Breathtaking views can be enjoyed from just about every building, depending on the exposure of the unit and the number of windows. 





Now, let's review each group, highlight common characteristics and identify the buildings. Soon you'll be a Humber Bay Shores expert fit to lead a walking tour.



The four buildings and complexes within the Regal Luxury group are the east and west bookends of the Humber Bay Shores condo strip.

Starting at the east end, The Palace Pier and Palace Place (both pictured) have stood the test of time for premium luxury and hotel elegance. Adjacent to the Humber River and overlooking Lake Ontario, these are the two iconic brown towers on the south side of Lake Shore Blvd W. 





Marina del Rey (pictured here) and Grand Harbour (photo in Townhouse section near end of blog) at the west end of the strip are gated communities on the south side of Lake Shore Blvd W, just west of Mimico Creek. A nod to their names, these buildings overlook the Mimico Cruising Club and Etobicoke Yacht Club.


Common characteristics:

  • 20+ years of age
  • Elegant hotel atmosphere
  • Larger grounds/gated communities
  • Larger suites
  • Luxury lifestyle amenities and conveniences
  • More expensive maintenance fee but also more inclusive (e.g., includes all utilities, cable and internet)
  • Higher percentage of owners vs. renters
  • Renovation opportunities
  • Lower ceilings 
  • Balconies are not certain
  • Structured rooms vs. open-concept layouts 

Don't let age scare you away. The older towers have many advantages; for starters, more generous-sized floor plans are the norm. In these buildings, you can score a one-bedroom unit in the 700-900 sq ft. range; a two-bedroom unit would generally be more than 1,000 sq ft and can exceed 2,500 sq ft. Three-bedroom units can also be found in these buildings for larger families. 

Whether The Palace Pier, Place Place, Marina del Rey or Grand Harbour, you are likely to find unique layouts, customizations, and renovations, thanks to different owners' design ideas and creativity over the years. An example of this may be two units adjacent or on top of one another converted into one oversized suite.

Another advantage some of the older buildings offer is an inclusive monthly maintenance fee. This means all your utilities, a VIP cable and internet package, plus exclusive amenities and onsite conveniences like valet parking, a private shuttle bus, tennis courts, golf simulators, a convenience store, a restaurant and salon/spa .

These residences attract owners more than renters, have lower turnover, and provide a quiet, well-managed environment. Social committees in these condos set the bar for resident engagement, activity and sense of community. 

Something else you'll notice is the sizeable amount of green space around each structure, giving residents more privacy and area around the building. 


Building names and addresses:

  • Grand Harbour - 2285, 2287 & 2289 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • Marina del Rey - 2261, 2267 & 2269 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • The Palace Pier - 2045 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • Palace Place - 1 Palace Pier Court

See #13, 14, 31, 32 in the Condo Directory of my Humber Bay Shores Condo Guide for full details on these condos.



Built and occupied between 2000 and 2010, the buildings in this section are from the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, or Palace Pier Court, to the east side of Brookers Lane. 

You'll see similar characteristics between this group and the Regal Luxury group. This section of the Shores is quiet, has a higher percentage of owners and tends to skew over 40. 

Marine Parade East is where you can find an opportunity to purchase at the lower end of the area's cost per square foot range while enjoying a younger building.

One of my favourite things about this part of the strip is the lovely Jean Augustine Park. Nestled between Newport Beach (pictured here), Voyager, and Explorer, it provides facing residents with space, privacy, and an additional layer to their view.


Common characteristics:

  • 10-20 years of age
  • Classic/traditional ambiance
  • Generous floor plans
  • Moderate amenities
  • Higher percentage of owners vs. renters
  • More expensive maintenance fee but also more inclusive (e.g., includes all utilities, cable and internet)
  • Renovation opportunities

When I think about the condos in this group, the words mature, subtle and peaceful come to mind. They are less about flash and more about elegant minimalism. 

Often I have clients that want a "real" den (not a nook!), and it's no surprise we end up viewing several good options in this part of Humber Bay Shores. The more sizeable layouts are more likely to have a den with a door, breakfast bars, kitchen islands and bathtubs. If these are all on your must-have list, consider looking at some of the following buildings.

Building names and addresses:

  • Voyager I & II - 2119 & 2121 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • Explorer - 58 Marine Parade Dr
  • Newport Beach - 2111 Lake Shore Blvd W, Ground-level townhomes
  • The Waterford - 2083, 2087 & 2095 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • Hearthstone – 3 Marine Parade Dr (unique retirement opportunity)
  • Grenadier Landing - 5 Marine Parade Dr
  • Lakeside Place - 2067 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • Nevis - 80 & 88 Palace Pier Ct

See #23-30 in the Condo Directory of my Humber Bay Shores Condo Guide for full details on these condos.



This part of Humber Bay Shores has the newest residential condo developments. I've watched every one of these babies rise from the ground since moving here in 2010. It's incredible to see the rapid growth in this beautiful community. 

From Brookers Lane to Marine Parade Drive at Park Lawn Road, you'll find an assortment of mid- and high-rise towers, some brand new, and the rest varying in ages to a maximum of 10 years old. 


Common characteristics:

  • 0-10 years of age 
  • Urban chic atmosphere
  • Higher ceilings 
  • Open-concept layouts 
  • 5-star fitness and lifestyle amenities
  • Lower maintenance fees
  • Equal representation of owners and renters

In this section of The Shores, it is common for a set of buildings to have corresponding names. They are often side by side, with the mid-rise (20 storeys or lower) boutique building on Marine Parade Dr and its taller sister (40 storeys or higher) directly behind it and easily accessible from Lake Shore Blvd W. 

Developers have maximized every square foot of these projects. This results in less space between buildings, so you're likely to be closer to your neighbours. It also means the suites are more compact. For example, you will find one-bedroom units under 500 sq ft in these buildings and two-bedroom units just over 700 sq ft. Now, that's not to say a 1400 sq ft suite isn't possible - larger units certainly are available but can be limited. On the upside, you'll enjoy lower maintenance fees, and you're less likely to face renovation or maintenance costs, at least for a while. 

If you seek a quieter environment, have a fear of heights or want to spend less time waiting for an elevator, the boutique buildings may be the perfect fit. Take a closer look at Vita Two, Ocean Club B, Riva del Lago and Cove. 

Suppose for you it is all about the view. In that case, the higher floors in the boutiques and high-rise towers offer spectacular sunrise or sunset vistas - both, if you're lucky enough to have a panoramic view!

Building names and addresses:

  • Eau du Soleil - 20 & 30 Shore Breeze Dr
  • Jade - 33 Shore Breeze Dr
  • Vita Two - 65 Annie Craig Dr (now occupying)
  • Vita on the Lake - 70 Annie Craig Dr (now occupying)
  • Ocean Club A – 59 Annie Craig Dr
  • Ocean Club B - 60 Annie Craig Dr
  • Lago - 56 Annie Craig Dr
  • Riva del Lago - 110 Marine Parade Dr
  • Cove - 39 Annie Craig Dr
  • Water's Edge - 38 Annie Craig Dr (under construction)
  • Nautilus - 16 Brookers Lane
  • Waterscapes - 80 Marine Parade Dr

See #15-22 in the Condo Directory of my Humber Bay Shores Condo Guide for full details on these condos.



Westlake Village, occupying the corner of Park Lawn Rd and Lake Shore Blvd W, is home to many conveniences. Consisting of four impressive high-rise condominiums belted with an assortment of everyday retail needs, including Metro, Shoppers Drug Mart, Orange Theory Fitness, LCBO, banks, dentists, fast food/takeout shops and more.

Westlake Village proudly presents a massive full-floor Club for its residents, complete with yoga studios, basketball courts, a party room and an outdoor garden terrace.


Common characteristics:

  • 0-10 years of age 
  • Hip urban lifestyle
  • Open-concept layouts 
  • Club lifestyle amenities/conveniences
  • Access to retail from the building
  • More equal representation of owners and renters

Don't let the fact that these buildings are on the north side of Lake Shore fool you. Many towers overlook the Humber Bay Shores parklands, leaving few obstructions, even for the lower floors. 

Another point worth mentioning is the "wide-versus-long layout" often found in Key West and Beyond The Sea. You simply get more windows allowing for lots of natural light in your suite.

Westlake Village, in particular, is favoured among the 20- and 30-something renters. It is also a favourite for investors due to continued tenant interest and demand.

Building names and addresses:

  • Westlake Village - 2200, 2212, 2220 Lake Shore Blvd W
  • Westlake Encore - 10 Park Lawn Rd
  • Key West - 36 Park Lawn Rd
  • Southbeach - 88 & 90 Park Lawn Rd
  • Beyond The Sea – 2230 & 2240 Lake Shore Blvd W & 15 Legion Rd

See #8-12 in the Condo Directory of my Humber Bay Shores Condo Guide for full details on these condos.


Mystic Pointe is perfect for loft seekers. This portion of Humber Bay combines low-, mid-, and high-rise buildings with a blend of warehouse lofts, two-storey lofts and apartments or flats. Lofts typically have 17-foot ceilings, walls of endless windows and loads of natural light. 

Just a 10-minute walk to Lake Ontario and Marine Parade Drive, Mystic Pointe will soon have its own 12-acre Grand Avenue Park complete with a multi-use sports field, a waterplay area, an off-leash dog park, walkways, parking, and more.  


Common characteristics:

  • Warehouse style-lofts and 2-storey lofts with 17-foot ceilings
  • 8-25 years of age, with new construction 2021/22
  • Classic/simple ambiance
  • Moderate amenities
  • Renovation opportunities
  • Higher percentage of owners
  • Balconies are not certain

There's no doubt that lofts have a certain appeal. Higher ceilings and double-storey windows can often make a space look and feel more significant. For those seeking a house feel at a condominium price, be sure to check out some of the lofts in Mystic Pointe. You'll find beautifully renovated suites and some waiting for your magic touch! 

If you prefer a flat apartment, Mystic Pointe offers several high-rise towers with flats that are often offered at a lower cost per square foot than those in the Marine Parade West group, due to the distance from the Lake. The vibe is trendy, active and friendly.

Building names and addresses:

  • The Legends - 190 Manitoba St
  • Skylofts - 200 & 250 Manitoba St
  • Warehouse Lofts - 300 Manitoba St
  • Empire Phoenix 1 & 2 - 251 Manitoba St
  • The Tides - 185 Legion Rd
  • California - 165 Legion Rd
  • iLoft - 155 Legion Rd

See #1-7 in the Condo Directory of my Humber Bay Shores Condo Guide for full details on these condos.


Townhomes in Humber Bay

You may not know it, but if you look closely, you will see townhouses in various shapes and sizes throughout The Shores. 

Some of the older complexes, such as Grand Harbour (pictured here), Lakeside Place and Newport Beach, boast majestic 3000 sf+ homes at the entranceways of the complexes. Smaller two-storey towns with ground-level walkouts can also be found at the base of several newer developments.





Our Furry Friends

Humber Bay Shores is a pet-friendly community and home to a couple of dog parks. It's rare not to see locals out and about with their furry friends. 

But keep in mind that condos often impose pet restrictions. Generally, condo by-laws set a maximum number of pets allowed per suite and a weight limit for each pet. 

You might wonder about your well-behaved 45-pound Golden Retriever. There are a few buildings with no weight restrictions.  Find out which buildings your furry family member would be welcomed.  Check out my Humber Bay Shores Condo Guide for details.



Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope it has shed some light and you feel more informed about the variety of residential condominium options that Humber Bay Shores has to offer. My advice is to begin your search by focusing on one or two groups with the traits you're looking for. It will help make the search for your dream condo more purposeful and enjoyable. 


Ready to know more about living in Humber Bay Shores? Here are two easy steps you can take now to build on what you've just read:

  1. If you haven't downloaded my free Condo Guide, grab your copy here. The Guide includes a detailed area map showing you the exact location of each building, info such as the year built, amenities, utilities included in the maintenance fee, plus helpful tips for buyers. It's a free download, packed with useful info, and I promise I won't spam you.
  2. Once you define your list of wants and needs,  the next steps are to start finding listings that hit the mark and visit the properties you like in person. In a tight-inventory market, you'll want to jump on new listings as soon as they hit the market. Set yourself up for success and sign-up to get the latest listings matching your criteria sent directly to your inbox.


As a long-time resident and Realtor in Humber Bay Shores, I can provide the insights you need to make an informed decision. Whether you are a seller, buyer, landlord or tenant, I am here to help. Drop me a line at rhonda@humberbayrealtor.ca or call/text 416-418-7287 with any questions.